Leatherest was born from the vision to completely redesign the traditional wallet as an everyday use item and to bring it into line with our modern needs. Today our goal is to offer an affordable product that combines modern features with traditional leather craftsmanship. We are careful to always create sustainable processes while maintaining consistently high quality.


Our name is a combination of "Leather" and "Everest". While we select high-quality and durable types of leather for our products, we put our vision with this name in a larger context. We are united by our love of discovering distant countries and exploring foreign cultures. Minimalism is one of our most important attributes for the Sherpas in the Himalayas and for us. Concentrating on the essentials is the top priority when climbing a summit, as well as for the design of our products. Mount Everest serves as a symbol for this and therefore rises above our name.

Our design

Each of our products must meet our values ​​and criteria. These include: efficiency, safe use, high-quality workmanship and stylish appearance.


When developing our products, we question the traditional structure and conventional functions. All of our products are designed for optimal accessibility, efficient operation and pleasant wearing comfort.

Safe use

Nowadays, the wallet no longer only contains notes and coins, but also our identity and payment details. This is why the card holder has RFID protection that prevents any unwanted reading.

High quality

When designing our products, we wanted to find a way to combine traditional craftsmanship and materials with the functions and needs of modern times. For this reason, we pay particular attention to high-quality craftsmanship, exact seams and a precisely fitting composition of the components.

Stylish look

Our goal was to develop a modern and functional wallet and to give it a stylish and classic look. That is why we opted for a slim and minimalist design that is conducive to every lifestyle and then we wrapped it in leather. Our products are versatile and adapt to you, depending on how you use them.

Our promise

We carefully select the individual components of our products and consider our values. The different types of leather are thoroughly examined for their feel, fragrance and resilience. The card holder is milled from a block of aluminum and connected by hand to the card mechanism. As the leather ages considerably over time, the card mechanism reliably keeps its function.

That is why we offer a 12-month guarantee on all functional parts of our products.

Everest wallet

When developing our Everest wallet, we aimed to combine all the important elements of a traditional wallet in the smallest possible space. Banknotes, cards and coins must find enough space for Everest to function efficiently as a daily companion. The card mechanism is fully integrated into the design and can be operated with the tip of the thumb in a playful manner. On the back you will find a coin compartment with enough storage space for coins or keys. The inside has space for notes and other cards. The aluminum snap button keeps your valuables locked. In order to give it a beautiful and classic look in addition to these technical details, we only use high-quality cowhide leather with a smooth feel and pleasant fragrance.